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What’s all the fuss about?

I was driving for a long time at the weekend and therefore listened to the radio for quite some time. The main topic obviously was the post election decisions that need to be made and I was quite frankly astounded by some of the comments made by politicians and pundits – it’s not so difficult, is it?

Of course, it’ll take longer than a weekend to come up with a coalition – we are talking about creating a stable government for a country, not about buying a car. The coalition contract is the basis of a 5 year government, so details need to be agreed and to be frank, if two parties come to a deal within four days of an election, it would be not worth the paper it’s written on.

Of course, Gordon Brown is staying as prime minister until a new government has been formed. He’s not squatting; he is fulfilling his duty. Remember the US elections–voting in autumn, new president in January. Continuity and transition are the watch words here.

Of course, the Tories have the right to form a new government first – they are the party with the highest number of votes and seats. Anything else, would defy the logic of the result.

Of course, we’ll need a reform of the electoral system to proportional representation. The UK has moved on from a two party, class system to a diverse, multi-cultural, beauty of a country – and we need to reflect this in our parliament and in our government.

Of course, it’s not about the manifesto anymore; it’s about values and about the country. I wish people would stop harping on about their manifesto. Finally we have politicians who have left partisanship behind and understand that politics are about the country and not about the party.

Of course, Nick Clegg believes he can change more within the system then outside. That also means he takes on responsibility instead of sitting in opposition and blocking everything. It’s easy to criticise and it’s much harder to create. But creators are what we need. And pragmatists as well.

And finally, I am so glad that the British people didn’t do what the financial markets demanded. It’s about time that the financial markets understand that they don’t set the agenda, that they are not god given and that not long ago, they needed to be bailed out.

So let’s all calm down again and let’s get on with the task in hand.

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