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The real power of “on the go computing” – formerly known as mobile – lies in its removal of time and space – two of the key success pillars of traditional media. Now everything can be accessed whenever I want it and wherever I want it. It therefore disrupts the traditional (media) business model far more than “stationary computing” has done. Yes, we talked about 24/7, but it lacked the fluidity of mobile. Now we have real user centricity.

Just imagine the impact this has: even TV viewing will completely change. The traditional peak time viewing (7-11pm) will soften and instead the commuter timeslot will gain importance. (If you are interested in this, have a read this post about the rebirth of TV in the “mytime” era.)

But the removal of time and space also shows that corporate policies of blocking social media are completely redundant. That might work – even though it’s counterproductive and completely absurd – on computers that are linked to the company network – but not when everybody can access social networks and websites via “mobile” anyway. One could go so far to block social media sites on company mobiles, but instead of stemming against the tides of change, let’s embrace the fluidity of this timeless and spaceless new world.

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