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Superheroes, Peace & Paintings

Several of my blog posts include some of Clay Vajgrt’s ‘SuperMonk’ paintings. As he’s a one of my best friends and as it’s his birthday today, I thought I’d let him tell you a little more about his SuperMonks.


“We sit in a circle and suppose, while the secret sits in the middle and knows”

Robert Frost

My childhood was rife with fantasies of Superheroes and other ‘heroes’ who were always portrayed in the violence of their heroic deeds. I have re-created these warriors into new Peace Heroes, as these days I find those who can be at peace in the world to be my new heroes. I have a lot of fun with these ‘SuperMonks’ and they have a nice peaceful message as one of my collectors told me, “I love having my ‘SuperMonk’ painting to look at each day, as it reminds me that if they can take the time to sit still and get centered then I can too!”

Mythologies from around the world have captivated me since childhood. Superheroes in comics were there for me to engage my mind with some of the classic personal struggles that I found present in many classic myths. The experience of losing the Ego into something larger is the main theme in many hero myths as it is in much of eastern philosophy. The sitting figure symbolizes this letting go for me.

In my artwork I portray ancient wisdoms with a Western pop culture twist. I use the sitting figure as a template for all activities even as it sometimes gets dissolved into light, color, and movement. This sitting figure is a universal image of someone at rest, at peace, involved in discussions, or story telling, praying, meditating, or just sitting still. I use this image combined together with different objects, designs, and colors so that it may reveal some secret connection that creates a story. I hope the meaning of my art is felt by those who look in the middle.

You can find more of Clay’s paintings on his website: . As a matter of transparency, this is not an affiliate program.

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