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You know when you’ve read a really good book: If asked about specific challenges, you not only recommend the book, but specific chapters within it. That’s precisely what I did after reading Scott Stratton’s UnMarketing: Stop Marketing. Start Engaging, not only once but several times.

The book is an interesting mash up between a handbook introducing some marketing principles in simple and practical terms and social media tools and etiquettes and a book that changes one’s perception of reality. Many books shy away from this impurity and of the few that don’t, the majority don’t manage this balance well, but it works with this book.

Right at the beginning he explains that Marketing also happens when two individuals have a conversation about the brand. That’s kind of obvious, but still made me sit up and change my perspective when thinking through the logic and consequences. Stratton discusses many traditional marketing concepts such as segmentation, brand experience, etc, but he does it in an incredible straight forward, fresh and engaging manner that you don’t find very often.

In chapter 43 he explains how he structures his blogs: “Point, Prove it, Perform it. “ I’m new to blogging and have read several articles about it, but Scott’s advice just works for me and I believe has made my posts more to the point. He goes through all different social media channels, executions, etiquettes, always basing it on his own experiences. And it’s these down to earth experiences with small companies instead of the mega brands that make this book so much more authentic, real and believable. Combine this with Scott Stratton’s very funny, understated and direct writing style and you have a very good book that is full of good advice and a really enjoyable read. My advice: Buy it, read it, practise it.

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