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That’s the title of a guest post I wrote for Michael VanDervort’s blog “The Human Race Horse”.

It’s based on Jobsite’s research finding that between August 08 and May 10 the usage of social media as a recruitment channel for business has halved from 18% to 9%. Instead of investing in their own social media campaign, companies are better off in focusing on their core business and core strength. Social media, however, is a great tool to check cultural fit between hirer and candidate, whilst being aware of the potential ethical dilemma that comes with it.

The individual, and in our case the job seeker, will become more and more empowered. We -as an industry – repeat it over and over again. Now let’s behave and act accordingly: Instead of putting social media or mobile at the heart of the organization, let’s put the job seeker at the heart of it. This has several consequences and requires us to rethink concepts such as talent pooling, talent exchange, etc.

You can read the entire post by click on the following link: Social Media is useless for talent acquisition


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