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New mobile research – 43% of UK job seekers own smart phone

As part of Jobsite’s Quarterly Market Tracker (run by HPI) we also looked at the impact of smart phones. Let me share some interesting findings with you:

  • 43% of the UK job seekers own a smart phone
  • 44% of the smart phone users watch news on their smart phone, 38% watch music videos, 25% watch sport clips.
  • Google and BBC top the charts of websites visited via smart phones and therefore equal their rankings in websites visited.
  • Biggest increases (in comparison to visited websites) are recorded for Apple. com, Channel4, SkySports &
  • Biggest decreases (in comparison to visited websites) are recorded for, Yahoo and
  • The iplayer is the most often used video on demand site (by quite some margin), followed by 4 on Demand and then ITV.

All in all it shows – once again – that mobile is becoming more and more important and that VOD is making real inroads. It also highlights that a brand’s use of mobile has the potential of reshaping the market and its dynamics.

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