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Still Life (35mm) - TypewriterThese days most events have official live bloggers and I do like it. It enables everyone to follow the highlights of an event without actually attending. But here are a couple of ideas on how to make the experience even better:

1 – How about adding the source of a quote, either the twitter handle or the name? Let’s add references so that we work towards the same standards as other media and give people credit where credits due. That’s especially important when looking at an event in retrospect.

2 – At an event with a official live blogger, you have most likely several other attendees that are also sending updates and most likely pick up on the same sound bites of the speakers. I’d therefore suggest that the official live blogger adds more than just mere reporting – how about adding another layer to the event: for example tweeting feedback from attendees after a presentation or even being able to poll the audience;  maybe even interviewing some of the questioners in the audience afterwards to get another perspective? To stay relevant, just live blogging won’t be enough.

3 –It won’t be enough, especially if events are streamed live – and without additional charge. If a charge is levied, the live blogger will be the reporter for the free audience, but I fear it will become less relevant the more events are live streamed. So how about extending the service of live blogging to also include the live streaming and exclusive interviews and behind the scenes footage?

These are just three ideas, and there might be many more, but it’s time to make this next step to professional social media, to give it the standing it deserves and to evolve live blogging so it stays relevant and vibrant in the years to come.

Creative Commons License photo credit: flakeparadigm

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