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In September 2004 I had the pleasure to witness a panel discussion about social and professional networks, as well as six degrees of separation, in Boston.  On the panel were Marc Pincus (then founder of, now founder of Zynga) and Matt Cohler (Linkedin, then Facebook, now general partner at Benchmark Capital). It was marvellous and impressive, so impressive in fact that I met up with Marc Pincus a couple of days later in San Francisco. In those days social and professional networks were classified under the category of ‘Weird and wonderful’ and when asked about their revenue model, Matt Cohler responded – I paraphrase – “who cares, it’s an internet thing and we have VC backing. But it will work”.  And that it certainly does, and LinkedIn hasn’t even reached its full potential yet.

LinkedIn is obviously a growing and influential force in many markets, including recruitment. But not necessarily in job seeking. As each has a different purpose, I believe that LinkedIn and Job boards will co-exist and continue to thrive, not dissimilar to the iPad and the Kindle. That’s the analogy I have used in my guest post for Jeff Dickey-Chasins, better known as The Job Board Doctor, to examine the position of LinkedIn and its impact on jobboards. Click here to read the full article: Jobboards vs LinkedIn vs. Joboards is like Kindle vs. iPad

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