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Access to Core 9In the future, as I have written in my recent blog post “The social web is dead. Long live the value web”, the enlightened and digitally engaged individual will actively manage his/her profile and at the same time implement different levels of access to him or herself. This exclusive access will be restricted to a trusted few.

That means the market dynamics as we know it will be reversed. Instead of expecting a tailor made covering letter and CV/resume by the individual, the individual will be the recipient of tailored covering letters and project descriptions by the recruiter/hirer.

The content of this covering letter will be based on the active digital footprint of the individual, or in other words, the data that he/she wants the recruiter to know, communicated via actions and behaviours online. Be it projects/jobs they’ve looked at, dream locations they have indicated or aspirations they’ve mentioned in online communications. These hints will be left proactively, intentionally and deliberately. The dials will be turned up and down by the individual.

If the recruiter wants to overcome the first basic access controls, the covering letter needs to be tailor made. Broad stroke, one-to-many marketing methods will be detrimental to a brand and will be immediately picked up and communicated within the peer group of the individual. If a company acts on old or outdated information and data, it will be branded as unethical & out-of-touch.

The recruiters that put the effort into understanding and knowing the candidates will have much higher conversion rates and at the same time gain the trust of the individual. The aim is to be the chosen representative or new place of work for the candidate, with an access all areas pass included.

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