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Whilst writing last week’s post about “how mobile changes usage behaviour”, it became clear to me that mobile is so much more influential than social media – the change driven by mobile will be much more significant than social media.

Obviously, one could say, that it’s not fair to compare the two: Social Media after all is only a communication (yes, engagement is also a form of communication) medium whereby mobile is so much more – a communication device, an access device, a payment method, a connecting device between TV, PC, et al.

But that is exactly the point –the real change, the step change will come via mobile. It will come faster and will reshape the landscape much more substantially than social media ever has or ever will.

Social media highlights an underlying change in human behaviours and attitudes and will certainly breakdown some barriers, but the difference is: mobile is the real change agent, whereby social media is only an outlet. Mobile is delivering instant impact and instant results in every corner of the world, whilst social media has a slow adoption and ultimately rides on the back of the mobile wave.

So my advice to businesses is: Get involved in both – as the combination of mobile and social is extremely powerful – but if you have limited resources, emphasise mobile.

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