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Have a look at this – the light blue line showes the time when users of mobile devices access Jobsite versus total site traffic (dark blue line):

It clearly shows a change in user behaviour:

  • They access the site during commuting times, especially in the morning between 7 and 9am.
  • They access the site throughout the evening with a spike at around 10pm (when they are in bed).

It clearly shows that mobile is a real game changer and will impact even more so on user behaviour and therefore business, be they in recruitment or in other industries.

If you are interested in more analysis, I wrote a guest post for The Wall blog describing the impact of the change in user behaviour on the internet, on the media landscape, on media buying, creative development and image rights and the ascend of Social TV, time fragmentation, convergence, channel neutrality and post dynamic behavioural targeted TV ads. Here’s a link to the post: – enjoy!

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