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“Doors closing, Doors opening,

Doors closing, Doors I’m opening

I am safe – It’s only change”

Joshua Leeds

I like change. I especially like change that I trigger. I judge change by and position myself within change for it to open up more possibilities, more choice.  Sometimes change surprises me or the outcome is so much bigger and bolder than I’d imagined.

Obviously some changes make me nervous, some make me doubt the decisions, some increase excitement and blood pressure as the precise outcome is unknown. And believe me, I also do like control. If this happens I remind myself that change is the most natural occurrence, that change connects us to the world and the universe, that change is the only constant in our lives. (Before you ask, I count death as a change category as well, but that’s a different conversation).

I also find that people are at their most beautiful when positive change is induced and at their ugliest when they are forcing the status quo to remain or when they smother the potential for change by taking the space for it. If that happens, it’s time to trigger change, to make space, to move on, safely and in the knowledge that change is the most natural state of being, ensuring permanent evolution and learning, resulting in health and happiness.

So let’s replace “human being” with “human becoming” (von Foerster) and embrace the intrinsic transition and transformation of life. Go with the flow.

Painting by Clay Vajgrt

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