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I’m all excited about the election this year, especially after following the first leaders’ debate on TV and simultaneously on Twitter. This combination just brings it really alive. And I want to vote.

Hold on a minute, I can’t vote. I have the wrong nationality. Obviously, I can vote in Germany. Isn’t it weird though, that I can vote in Germany, where I haven’t lived for 13 years, but not in the country that I have lived for the last 11 years.

Now clearly, the answer is simple, isn’t it, just change your nationality and there you go. But, before I lived in England, I lived in Spain and maybe at some point, I might live in another country. Do I need to change my nationality every single time?

So, how about we change that?

When an individual has lived for 3 or 5 years in a country, paid their taxes and has no criminal record, they also get to vote in the national election in the country of residence.

It’d be a very rational approach beyond the old outdated traditional borders; a postmodern approach to citizenship and most of all elevates us beyond the notion of national identities knitting us all closer together. And, my wife would be happier as well, as she could freely vote without me campaigning for my choice.

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