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Emotional Recession: Be a Good Samaritan to Jobseekers

‘Emotional recession’ is a beautiful, yet dark and heavy phrase – but it’s not mine. It came from our research agency, HPI. It describes the state of individuals currently: After the economical recession, people are feeling battered and they’re going through their own emotional recession.

We found the same when we at Jobsite were conducting research for our new TV creative. After all the doom and gloom, after being bombarded with negative messages every day, everything shifting constantly and change looming more overtly, people – in comparison to early 2008 – want stability. They want to have compassion. They want peace. They want to laugh and they want to be in control of their life.

The community has become more important. Location, location, location is now the new mantra in recruitment. It always was intrinsically important, but now is at the forefront of people’s hearts and minds. Currently people don’t want to be uprooted and only want to change jobs that enable them to continue with their home base.

So, be on people’s side, rather than on their case. Find ways to give them control over their lives. Every little bit helps. It will be really appreciated. Happy Holidays.

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