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Burn the bridge behind you

In medieval times generals burned the bridges behind their troops, so that they couldn’t retreat. The only way was forwards, make the best of it and ultimately succeed. This is extreme, but there’s a learning to be had.

I see a lot of unhappy people that haven’t closed the door behind them and therefore can’t move on. Suddenly they are stuck in this limbo in between their old life and their new life. Only if you make the step forward and close the door behind you firmly, can you find happiness. I meet people that seem to have moved on, but their hearts, their memories are still in the past – they also haven’t closed the door behind them firmly. If you are still living in the past, you are not able to move on and find happiness. The past is the past is the past and has passed. Let it be.

Some people are stuck in limbo because of external circumstances. The positive is that it’s only a temporary passage and that they are ready to close the door and move on, otherwise they wouldn’t have placed themselves in to this position. The disengagement process has already started but can’t be finalised yet.

In these moments stay true to yourself, stay focussed on your goals, your aims and relax in the present. The world is conspiring to help you and it just needs to align itself. Take the time and rest and recover before you close the door fully and move forwards.  It takes a while to get the bridges to catch fire, but when they do, you are free to roam.

Painting by Clay Vajgrt

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